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Apply to Become a Dose of the Coast VIP!

Dose of the Coast offers a variety of coastal adventures. Each survivor, designated our “VIP”, is able to bring along 1-3* guests to share their coastal experience with. *Number of guests varies depending on your chosen activity.

See the VIP Outings page to view activities Dose of the Coast offers. Trips begin in April and end in October.

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with a life-altering illness, apply below to attend one of our coastal adventures!


Anyone in the United States who is over 16 years old and who has been diagnosed with a life-altering illness is eligible for a Dose of the Coast trip. Your doctor must complete the official Dose of the Coast medical release in order for you to participate.

Dose of the Coast activities take place all across southern Louisiana. We occasionally hold trips in other states when opportunities and need arise.

Overnight accommodations are provided when trips are located over 100 miles from VIP’s residence.

Items to bring include: all medications, a change of clothes, any special dietary requirement snacks, an ice chest (particularly if fishing), sunscreen, close-toed shoes, hat, sunglasses and we suggest long pants and long sleeve shirt to reduce sun exposure. Water and snacks are provided unless otherwise stated. Please check the weather and dress accordingly.

All activities are free of charge to VIP’s and their guests.

Each VIP can participate in each activity only once. A VIP can attend a fishing trip, a kayaking trip and a sailing trip, but due to high demand we are unable to offer repeat trips of the same activity. VIPs can attend an activity again only if they are invited as another VIP’s guest.

We are always at the mercy of the weather. If your trip is cancelled, we will do everything we can to reschedule at the next available opportunity.